Developing the launch collection was a slow process. You have to really live with a scent to know if it has longevity. Some scents are nice upon initial smell, but over time are  too distracting. The right scent is atmospheric, adding depth and character to a room, not standing front and center saying, “Look at Me, I’m Fig.  I’m Amber!”  Each scent was inspired by people and experiences relevant to me at the time. So, in some ways, this launch collection tells the story of a year in my life. 

New Moon

for the reflective as they wax and wane


New Moon was inspired by the brief and wonderful year my 3 sisters and I lived in the same city for the first time since I was 18. It had been 10 years since we knew what it was like to see each other not on the family holiday schedule. It was a special year that brought back feelings and sentiments we could only experience when we were together. On the eve of my wedding and my transition from daughter to wife, I became quite reflective and sentimental. It would no longer be 4 little girls and probably never again living in the same city. So much change, beautiful and needed, but what was would never be again. And so, New Moon is inspired by those moments that are ephemeral, those moments that, like a moon, wax and wane, come and go, are there and are never again.  With fragrant herbs floating on rich wood and amber base notes, New Moon is infused with the essential oils of sage to balance emotions, lavandin to bolster hope and ease sadness, and orange to calm and brighten the mood. 



for the entrepreneur as they burn into the night


Midnight Oil, my first candle, was born out of a desire to elevate my husband’s work environment. Being the CEO of a growing start up, the days are long, travel is frequent and the work is often stressful. He feels he works best when brainstorming in coffee shops, being quiet in nature, wandering through art museums and sitting in Adirondack chairs anywhere but in his office. I wanted his office to feel more inspiring too.  I distilled the essence of those experiences into this candle. Midnight Oil smells of  jasmine and lavender top notes grounded by rich vanilla and sandalwood base notes and is infused with balsam oil to warm the room, and lavandin to promote concentration and relieve stress. Made with black wax, this handsome and inspiring candle is perfect for any workspace.



for the poet as they gaze into inspiration's ember


 Kindling was inspired by the many artists, writers, poets, and creatives in my life, and where we all go for inspiration, for kindling, for the creative fire. Nature. There is nothing like getting out of the city and sitting on dirt, with trees, looking up at the sky, in awe. We probably all need a lot more than we are getting. I wanted this candle  to smell of trees, and so it does. A strong, woodsy spruce, infused with natural cedarwood to relieve stress and pine essential oils to invigorate the mind and refresh the spirit. Kindling is for whatever fire you are trying to start.



for the brilliant as they rise 


Morning Star was inspired by my numerous friends with newborn babies. Without children my husband and I drink coffee and wake up slowly in the mornings. Cozied up next to him, I often imagined my friends waking up in the early morning with their newborns and the morning star peaking through the darkness and into the window. Such a different reality from my own, but such a beautiful image: parent and child welcoming the day together. That sweet picture inspired this scent. Infused with honeysuckle to incite a light-hearted, peaceful quality, and jasmine to stimulate feelings of harmony and optimism, burning Morning Star is the perfect way to start the day, with or without a baby.  



for the passionate as they ignite


Wildfire is special.  It is not your traditional “sexy” scent. In fact, I dislike most “sexy” scents out there. They are too bold and too distracting. I wanted something that would settle in the room and not hit you over the head with its aromatic message. Made from cassia oil, a spicy bark, paired with rosemary, eucalyptus, and clove to invigorate the mind, patchouli to entice the senses, and rose to generate a sense of well-being and confidence, Wildfire is an inviting atmospheric candle perfect for the bedroom or any room where a warm and intimate mood is desired.